Title: Woman in Red. Artist: Keban Acra Batibeki. Date: 2010. Price: $20,000. Subscription Rate: $200. Sourced from: Leila Heller Gallery.


Title: Stranger in the Glass Box 12. Artist: Quentin Shih. Date: 2008. Price: $11,500. Subscription Rate: $200. Sourced from: PX Photography Gallery. Fun fact: These photographs were commissioned by Dior and the first editions are in Dior's corporate collection. Of the series, the artist notes, "The glass divides the scene into two worlds - one for Dior models and one for Chinese people - both finding each other mysterious and strange. But they can't communicate with each other through the glass."


Title: Eurospecimen Spain. Artist: Erika Harrsch. Date: 2011. Price: 2,500. Subscription Rate: $50. Sourced from: Erika Harrsch Studio. Fun Fact: Erika uses retired European currencies to make these thought-provoking curiosity boxes of butterflies, framing each currency as an "extinct" species that you would find at the Museum of Natural History.

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