Targeted Ads Miss The Mark

I hear constantly how it is important that data is collected about you by third parties so they can serve up ads that will be relevant for your demographic and ones that you want to see.  So far, in my experience, that practice is failing dismally. For example, a few weeks ago on the home page on my laptop my “custom for me” ads were for a hotel in Los Vegas and tickets to a sporting event. That doesn’t make sense for me.

Inaccurate targeting is one thing, but serving up ads that are absolutely inappropriate and offensive to me is another.  Many of you know that I am passionate about women leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs.  So much so that I have gone back to work to promote wildly capable women entrepreneurs in the internet and tech space.  In that effort, I have assembled a private library on a platform called Diigo where members of team JumpThru and I collect articles and content that is consistent with our mission.

Today, I found that the private library of Diigo is being populated with Ads by Google that are not only offensive but downright wrong given who I am.  Here is a screen shot from my Diigo library.


Check out the ad for “Hot Girl Photos” and also an ad for “Women Photo Personals–1000s of Sexy Woman Personal Ads”.  These ads are so off base and target for the section of the library I have tagged “women”. I have long thought that most ads pollute good content sites and are intrusive. And now, I think I have just reached a new level of distaste for these ads.  I understand that sites have to monetize and I feel that pressure as well.  But, this is not the way to go.

-Deborah Jackson
Founder and CEO of JumpThru


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