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Plum Alley Thought Leaders in Finance & Crowdfunding for Women

Plum Alley is taking a leadership role in several high-impact events this Spring. We urge you to sign up to participate at these events. Be sure to introduce yourself to us as well.

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11 Project Creators, 854 Contributors, 105 Women Entrepreneurs

Thank you to the amazing women who stepped up and who launched a funding campaign on Plum Alley in the last 2 months of 2013: Cindy Convery, Clare Hare, Elizabeth Wasserman, Heidi Lehmann, Marci Weisler, Suzette Cablido, Jennifer Shaw, Kathryn Moos, Camilla Olson, Alex Wolf, and Hollis McLahlan.

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Happy Holidays from Team Plum Alley

Have a whale of a holiday!

Team Plum Alley
Gone Swimming!


Plum Picks: Joan, Carol, Tina and Sarah Pick their Favorites

The Plum Alley Team came together to curate some of our favorite things to give away for the holidays.

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Launch Event for Project Creators

Tuesday evening, we met with the 10 brave women who just launched their campaigns on our new Plum Alley funding platform.
Each of the 10 women, entrepreneurs and creatives who span generations and are from California, Connecticut, Colorado and New York, presented their projects in front of their friends and family.

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Admire Leadership & Use Your Influence

There is always confusion on what leadership, influence and power mean because those terms are often used interchangeably. But leadership, influence and power are not the same at all.

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Join me at these conferences and events

Over the the last year I have had the honor of being invited to speak at various conferences for women. The topics and formats vary from women entrepreneurs, women investing, business plan competitions, girls in tech, women’s innovation, early stage investing, my personal journey, and pitch events.

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My Daughter Lucy

My daughter Lucy just graduated from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She has a true multidisciplinary education, is fluent in Chinese and in her last year of college discovered a love of art. Her room at home is full of graffiti street art, photography and paintings made by her and her friends.

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STEMpowering with CBS, Sparkle Labs and Plum Alley

Just last week, Plum Alley CEO Deborah Jackson talked to CBS This Morning about how to better empower girls in the classroom so they’ll pursue science and math professionally. Through Google Hangout, Jackson and four other women with girls’ education credentials discussed the subject with Norah O’Donnell, the host for the segment.

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What’s in TAY Skincare? Sarah Tay Breaks it Down

Containing rare, all-natural ingredients aplenty, TAY makes it easier for us to take our skin for a spin au naturel. But what exactly are those hard-working ingredients and what do they do? Sarah Tay, the skincare guru behind TAY was more than happy to break down the duties of five key ingredients.

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