Guest blog: New Trends in Facebook Marketing

JumpThru’s guest blog series continue with the latest entry from our awesome summer intern, Michael Stein.

Social Media Expert, Laura Roeder, has posted a number of videos, informing little business owners out there, how to use social media to market a business.

Facebook Marketing—-

Businesses market on Facebook?  I didn’t know…

Yes, businesses are marketing using Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook Marketing has grown immensely over the past few years, with Social Media experts like Laura Roeder and Dan Zarrella cluing those of us not so technologically literate, in on the world of Social Media Marketing.

Roeder periodly posts video blogs on her Youtube, explaining how to make the best use of social media for your business.  In one of her vlogs, she talks about the three main steps businesses should take in promoting themselves on Facebook:

1. Let the world know that your page exists on Facebook. Send out e-mails and invite people to your Facebook page.

2. Next, schedule updates to get your community on Facebook involved with your page. (This can be automated with sites like Hootsuite or  Asking questions and adding posts will get people involved with your business via Social Networks.

3. Finally, the most important of these steps, is to engage with the Facebook community.  If they ask questions, be sure to answer.  Responding and Interacting are the most important actions that help gain and maintain customers.


Recently, Zarella held a webinar with Hubspot, in which he explained his own philosophy on Social Media and exposing oneself—-

Pretty similar to Roeder’s ideas, Zarella’s three step method goes as follows:

1. Exposure (Making yourself seen, by making Facebook page, Twitter, getting oneself into social media)

2. Attention (Once people are linked to your page, grabbing people’s attention by putting out content on Social Networks)

3. Motivation (Finally, getting people to share/retweet the content that has been posted)

Facebook itself has gotten on the badwagon, with posts on its Marketing and Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses pages.  They include everything from success stories, to how to use the “Like” button to your business’s advantage.

Future of Social Media and Business—-


So it seems that getting your business’s name out there is just the tip of the iceberg with using Social Media to promote your business.  JC Penney has recently created their own Facebook store, allowing users to not only be able to search through products, but also to add them to a shopping cart, and pay for them directly through their Facebook application!  Who needs to go to store websites (or even stores) anymore, when you can do everything from Facebook?


The web application Payvment, with the same idea, has allowed anyone to begin selling their products via their own Facebook store.  Simply connect it to your Paypal account, add products, and start selling!  It’s a a great way for a business just lifting off to start selling their products without the use of an official website—-

What else is in store for Social Media Marketing?

If you want to learn more about Social Media Marketing, visit Laura Roeder’s Youtube! Why don’t you take a look at her website while you’re at it?

How about downloading a copy of Zarrella’s ebook, Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness: The Science, Design, and Engineering of Contagious Ideas?  It free!


Always looking for something new to do, Michael Stein started working with the JumpThru team.  On his daily commute to the JumpThru office, he reads Japanese novels and aspires to one day write one.


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