Plum Alley: My Tribe

Last year I got an invitation to listen a group of women entrepreneurs to pitch their projects at an event hosted by Plum Alley. One by one all they were presenting their ideas and passionate speeches, stories of quitting jobs and pursuing dreams flow from every pore, and as the crowd warmed up to the stories my internal empathy meter was already hitting sky high, I had finally found my tribe.

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The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Plum Alley has long been active in the fight against human trafficking, sex trafficking in particular. In fact, Plum Alley and Girl Develop It built an interactive game to teach people about the horrors of sex trafficking at a weekend long hackathon where 18 women participated.

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Plum Picks: Joan, Carol, Tina and Sarah Pick their Favorites

The Plum Alley Team came together to curate some of our favorite things to give away for the holidays.

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A Boardgame for Visual Learning

The recent media splash that girls-geared toy company Goldieblox made was indicative of a greater desire among parents to find games for their kids that are as enriching for the mind as they are enjoyable to play.

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From Kickstarter to the Runway: Naomi Spindel

When designer Naomi Spindel and her exclusively female team came on our radar, we were obviously intrigued.

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Sept Cinq

Shoptique’s Olga Vidisheva Tells Us Where to Shop in Paris

Paris is where Shoptique founder Olga Vidisheva first came up with the idea for her e-commerce start-up. Among the cobbled streets and cafes, she found tucked-in boutiques with personality and charm that only existed to Parisians. Lucky for us, she’s sharing her shopping wealth for our next trip out to the city of tres chic.

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Five Illuminating Skin Truths From MVO Founder Marie Veronique Nadeau

When we started talking to MVO founder Marie Veronique Nadeau, we were shocked at how many things she told us that we hadn’t known about skincare. From SPF to Vitamin D-3, Marie shares with us some truths about skincare that might just make you rethink your routine.

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interior 2

Before and After: Lisa Linhardt’s East Village Store

Though she’s now freshly settled into a larger space in Nolita, our female founder Lisa Linhardt first started with a small and fortuitous space in the East Village after a talk with a friend about starting a jewelry line.

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Travel Bug: Niki Osl’s Viennese Tour

Niki Osl of miss lillys hats was born and raised in Vienna, the city of music and Freud. Here, she shares with us a few of her favorite places to eat, drink, and shop to help you plan your next Viennese excursion.

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Capri Italy

Nicole Gulotta’s Top Travel Locations

Nomadic Thread Society found Nicole Gulotta has travelled near and far, finding inspiration for her line of vacation essentials.

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