Eric Ries at NYU

Eric Ries

On Columbus Day I had the exciting opportunity to hear Eric Ries speak to a relatively small group at NYU.  For those that don’t know who Eric Ries is, he is the author of the book, The Lean Startup. He discussed a lot of the principles from his book and about entrepreneurship. One of the things that I thought was most interesting about what he said was that right now is a great time for entrepreneurs. The media has created quite the buzz around it all. The media reports out about small companies that receive millions in funding, there are movies out that make the life of the entrepreneur glamorous, and starting a company is getter easier to do because the information and technology around it is getting cheaper and faster.  He then quickly points out that the truth is that entrepreneurship is “boring, uncool, and difficult”, that most people don’t realize that and give up early.

Also, he shared with the group that all of us have ideas, not all of us have good ideas. I felt that if there was one thing he kept mentioning was that you need to offer a product to the world that they would actually use and enjoy, that you need to listen to your customer and be able to adjust to what they wanted quickly. That’s what he meant about good ideas, a good idea is only good if people want it, that they immediately see the need for it in their life and they like how it works.

What I really enjoyed about his talk was looking around the 300+ attendance and seeing more women than I expected. I remember when I first started in the tech industry; I went to a company meeting about 4 years ago and looked around, I could count the number of women on my two hands. I don’t think that women represented even 5% of those in attendance. Last night I would say about 10% of the audience was women. It’s still quite a small number, but I am excited to see women out there, learning about entrepreneurship and forging a new path for women everywhere to admire.

Michelle McCombs

Michelle is the newest member of team JumpThru having just moved to New York from Los Angeles. She joins us as the Community Operations Manager. She spent the last 5 years working at Disney Online and  is a tech enthusiast. She likes variety and is experienced in customer service, HTML, food service, management, event planning and politics.

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