Vicki Weiner, founder of no-interest loan fund

No-Interest Loan Program for Women Accelerates Business Growth

Women seeking growth capital in the NY-area can apply for no-interest $5,000 loans.

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Feminine hygiene with a triple bottom line

I met Molly in Philadelphia last month at the ‘Found and Fund’ event hosted by At Media and First Round Capital. Since that day, Molly has raised tens of thousands of dollars for her company Cora using Plum Alley’s crowdfunding platform.

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Female Founders Talk Funding

Join us for Female Founders Talk Funding on Thursday May 1st, at 6-9pm.

Have you ever wondered what your pitch deck should look like, how to capture a VC’s attention, or whether to crowdfund your new venture online? What funding sources are right for your startup and how can you get started?


Crowdfunding 101

Confusion over what crowd-funders get for their money created a social media storm when Facebook acquired virtual reality company Oculus.

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The Fight Against Human Trafficking

Plum Alley has long been active in the fight against human trafficking, sex trafficking in particular. In fact, Plum Alley and Girl Develop It built an interactive game to teach people about the horrors of sex trafficking at a weekend long hackathon where 18 women participated.

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4 Days Left: Smart Women, Smart Ideas

Smart Women Smart Ideas is a reality show about women entrepreneurs (think TV show Shark Tank, minus the sharks) who pitch their companies to investors with hopes to obtain funding.

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A Boardgame for Visual Learning

The recent media splash that girls-geared toy company Goldieblox made was indicative of a greater desire among parents to find games for their kids that are as enriching for the mind as they are enjoyable to play.

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Closing in on funding Goal: Bella Minds. We need you.

195 people already pledged over $17,000 for Jenn Shaw’s Bella Minds, to teach women in rural areas tech skills for employment. Jenn grew up in rural Kansas and moved to NYC to pursue a tech job.

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Camilla Olson: From VC to Fashion Designer

Crowdfunding is a game changer to raise money and Plum Alley is changing the participants in the game. The potential worldwide market for crowdfunding is in the billions and there is room for several focused companies that cater to specific needs and markets.

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Clare Hare Darien: A Company Made in NYC

An initiative of the Pratt Center for Community Development, and Industry City, New York’s largest privately held manufacturing site, Made in NYC supports the vibrant manufacturing sector in New York City. Local manufacturing encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, creates employment opportunities (NYC’s 7,000 small manufacturers employ 65,000 people) and gives the city much of its character and soul.

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