Before: "It was a vintage antique store, and there were like, three couches piled on top of one another, and you couldn't even move! So I put together a team of people, and I had this girl I knew that wanted to be in interior design and she just happened to be dating the display director of Anthropologie at the time. So she recruited him, and they came down from Maine, and they literally camped in the store because I couldn't afford to put them in a hotel!"


Before: "We didn't know what we were doing! We had a design eye, but we weren't carpenters."


After: "We used reclaimed wood because all the wood at Home Depot was so expensive, and we didn't want to get plywood. So [my friends] said that there were all these amazing places to get reclaimed barn wood, and at the time five years ago, there weren't really stores in New York that had this kind of reclaimed wood look."


After: "We had to get creative with lighting, because lighting was so expensive, so we took these urns--they're plastic flower pots--and we turned them upside down on one another, and we created these really cool lanterns, and each lamp was probably about 25 dollars!"


After: "It was a very warm store, and we used all of these objects from the sea and found objects to use as display cases because I hated those velvet and plastic cases."

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