[Data Visualization] Women’s Economic Opportunity

JESS3 x Economist: Women’s Economic Opportunity from JESS3 on Vimeo.

The Economist Intelligence Unit compiled a 150-page report called the “Women’s Economic Opportunity Index”, and the amazing creative agency JESS3 took the data and made a beautiful video of it.

It is brimming with interesting facts about female equality through out the world including who is doing it best: Sweden, Belgium and Norway; and who has a lot of room for improvement: Chad, Yemen and Sudan.

What I found most interesting was the information about countries that are addressing violence against women. The three areas they highlighted were sexual harassment, domestic violence and sexual assault. Surprisingly, only 61 of the 113 countries surveyed have laws protecting women from all three areas and 5 countries do not have any laws protecting women from violence. Economically speaking, a survey done on women in Chile revealed that women exposed to domestic violence earned half as much ($150/month) as those who had not been exposed ($300+/month).

I believe the most promising information shared in the video was the fact that 111 out of 113 countries surveyed honor paid maternity leave.  Unfortunately, it is the United States of America and Australia that make up the two that do not honor paid maternity leave!  Additionally, almost all the countries have laws about equal pay for equal work and have resources to provide women with education; however, the enforcement of these laws has been extremely lax. It seems like a simple solution exists, but what is it? How do we enforce equality after the laws have been created?

Michelle McCombs
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